Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Country Simplicity...

Lately my husband and I are trying to simplify our lives.  We find that it's so easy to let the days fly by not having much quality down time with each other and our kids.  This is one of the main reasons why we moved our little family to the country (Midway, Ut).  We have loved living in this beautiful mountain valley, taking in all the fresh air and simplicities of life.  
It's not living when our days are filled with senseless, selfish distractions that don't add to the qualities of life.  What I find makes life enjoyable, is the quiet moments with family and friends, living in the moment and being grateful no matter what situation we're in.  When we look outside ourselves -- serving and loving one another... life doesn't get any better!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Introducing ROOD3

As I always try to post as much as possible about Belgian architecture and interior design, today I would love to introduce you to the Belgian based architecture and interior design company ROOD3, founded by architect Frederique Glorieux and his partner Sophie.
When I discovered this project on the brand new website of ROOD3, I knew I had to share it with you !

When the owners bought the house it consisted of several small and separate spaces. New prospects were opened as the architect transformed the house in spacious, airy and bright rooms by uniting areas and breaking down some walls.
The rooms were immersed in white, to create a sense of space. All walls and ceilings were painted in white. And even almost all rooms have white floors, helping to give the illusion of larger spaces.
The architect succeeded in creating a simple, clean-lined and inviting interior with a little bit of glamour without sacrificing comfort.
The variety of found objects, in both ground and upper floor rooms, adds an eclectic atmosphere to the home, creating a charming as well as an inspiring place to live.

Living roomRood3-interieur-dtonic-037White walls and ceiling, bleached wide plank floors to enlarge the space.   Image source ROOD3
Variety of found objects and vintage furniture : chairs, lamps, tables, sculptures , works of art.
White walls are the perfect and clean backdrop for art.
Choosing for a white, monochromatic palette allows to mix in lots of texture.

View from the dining room towards the kitchen.Rood3-interieur-dtonic-038The kitchen seen as an extension of the dining room. Even there is no separation between the two spaces, the architect created a feeling of intimacy in the dining room.   Image source ROOD3

Light-filled kitchen
In the kitchen the architect combined a bright white with a warm timber.
Rood3-interieur-dtonic-040Image source ROOD3

Notice the display of found objects even in the kitchen.   Image source ROOD3
Rood3-interieur-dtonic-042 A white sheer curtain fabric in combination with the black steel window frame.
Beautiful and restful to the eye !  Image source ROOD3

Detail of the steel window and door.Rood3-interieur-dtonic-048Image source ROOD3

View from the entrance to the dining room. Rood3-interieur-dtonic-045 The dark painted stairrail and hall bench contrasting with the white walls and floor.
A glimpse of  the objects of curiosity displayed in the dining room cabinet.   Image source ROOD3

Upper floor rooms
‘Bathed’ in white !
Serene retreats.
Rood3-interieur-dtonic-032Spacious airy bedroom.   


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Go Jessica!!!

Another brilliant designer!!  Jessica Helgerson is inspiring on every level!  Her unique vision is one that I don't typically see.  Check out this gorgeous Alhambra kitchen project:

Every concept is perfectly balanced and timeless!  The floors add that perfect ethnic texture to the monochromatic simplicity... stunning!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Daring colors

Brighten your room…dare to add a pop of crazy bright color inside the cabinets !

1Campagne Décoration  Source here – Photo credit Claire Curt 

2Evelyn Moreels

3Axel Vervoordt  Source ‘Living in a Castle’ Beta Plus Publishing – Photo credit Jo Pauwels

5Axel Vervoordt

6Lefèvre Interiors  Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens


Friday, April 18, 2014

Photoshoot Art & Décoration Magazine

Good morning dear friends!
I hope you all enjoy this beautiful time of the year. In Belgium we are blessed with a wonderful Spring time. Sunny days with above average temperatures.
On Wednesday we had a photoshoot for the French magazine Art & Décoration and the photographer had to take into account the sun's rays penetrating into the rooms, which was not easy for her to shoot perfect pictures.

The shooting took place in my sister’s home.
While I assisted photographer Sophie and stylist-journalist Céline, by adding and moving the appropriate decoration, my nephew Justin played the piano. The house was filled with beautiful sounds !

My sister and family friend ‘chef-cook’ Luc prepared a delicious summer meal.
We all enjoyed the alfresco lunch !

I wanted to thank Céline and Sophie for their patience and enthusiasm while taking all the photos!
Of course I had my camera with and took some pictures myself.
Here is a sneak peek.
A special thank you to my sister and brother-in-law for the wonderful day and for allowing us to take this photoshoot.
We are all looking forward to the featuring in one of the upcoming issues of 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Guest House...

I love it when people come across an old structure that has potential and bring it back to life.  
I'm in love with this boutique villa located on the beautiful Greek island of Ithica.

all images via